E Safety

The Internet is a fun place to go.  Once there you can access all kinds of information, images and videos.  You can contact people from the other side of the world.  You can buy or sale whatever you want.  You can download music and films and listen to radio stations from far flung lands.
 However there is another side where we do not want our children to go to.
As parents we need to ensure that our children do not access unsuitable material by mistake.  We can do this by changing the access rights.  Click here to see further guidance.


KS1 – Smartie the Penguin                                                KS1 – Lee and Kim                                 KS1 – Hectors World

smartie                      leenkim          hectorsworld


KS2 – Smart Crew                                    KS2 – Us Online                                            KS2 – Cybercafe

smart        usonline     cybercafe


Another way we can use the Internet is to download music.  When we pay for music from websites like amazon.co.uk or iTunes, this is legal and safe.  You can also download music by file sharing.  This is where we borrow music from someone elses computer.  However you also allow others to see inside your computer.  Furthermore there are also some legal issues.

Viruses are small computer programmes which are made to cause all kinds of problems.  These could range from something small to hacking into your internet history.  This can cause more problems especially if you are using Internet banking and can look for bank account details.
Sometimes a virus can look at how your use the Internet and then pop up like minded websites.
 A virus killer or a fire wall are two ways to prevent a virus infection or a website hacking into your personal information.  Here is a good link to the useful website ComputerActive.