One Stop Shop Moving to an ‘Appointments System’

The One Stop Shop at Lynton House, Ilford will be moving to an “appointments only” system from Monday 20 April.

In recent years we have worked hard to provide a whole range of services online to make it easier for residents. These services can be accessed on the Council’s website 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. As the Council faces huge financial challenges, money is saved every time a resident carries out a transaction online instead of using the telephone or face to face.

If residents require a service which still needs face to face contact, for example, Parking Visitor Permits, they can book an appointment at the One Stop Shop on Redbridge i or by calling the Customer Contact Centre on 020 8554 5000.

Residents can book an appointment to carry out the following services in the One Stop Shop:

  • Schools Admissions, School Awards and Free School Meals
  • Parking Resident Permits (first application), Visitor and Business Permits, Parking Season Tickets and CCTV viewing
  • Planning Personal Searches
  • Nationality Checking

The following services will still be provided as a drop-in only:

  • drop box for completed forms and applications
  • collection of Green Garden Waste Bags
  • viewing Traffic Orders and Legal Notices

 Residents can carry out a whole range of tasks on Redbridge i including applying for jobs, housing, the Blue Badge Scheme and a Disabled Persons Freedom Pass. They can also view school waiting list positions, get information on Councillors, MPs and public meetings and find information on registering Births, Deaths, Marriages and Civil Partnerships.