Reporting to Parents

We endeavour to ensure that parents are fully informed of the progress their child is making. We advise them of the next steps in their child’s learning and suggest how their children can be further supported from home.

At the beginning of each term, curriculum letters are sent to parents to outline that term’s work. We have termly parents’ meetings at which staff discuss the children’s progress with parents. Staff are always willing to discuss any issues as they arise at a mutually convenient time.

An annual report is sent out in July and parents are given the option of discussing this with the class teacher at the summer term parents’ meeting.

Home School Agreement

It is of vital importance that the school and parents work together to ensure each child makes good academic, social and emotional progress. When children join our school they, and their parents, are asked to sign our Home School Agreement. This has been drawn up by the governors and staff in consultation with parents. The agreement sets out the main principles of the home school partnership.

Please click link to sign school’s Home School Agreement for September 2020