RSHE Policy Information

RSHE Policy
Appendix-1 – Science Curriculum
Appendix-2 – RSHE Scheme of works
Appendix-3 – DFE Guidance
Appendix-5 – Pupil voice survey
Appendix-6 – Parent consultation response

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We’ve entered in the Fun & Active Playgrounds competition and are in with a chance of winning a playground transformation worth £3000 in time for the new academic year! We’re crossing our fingers as the Silver Sports Package includes 6 bright and colourful playground markings that encourage physical play and activity. With a Netball Court, Dance With Me, Active Trail, Jump Game, Dartboard and 4-Way Hopscotch – the range of markings can be used to enhance breaktimes and PE lessons!

Find out more here:

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Forest Netball Tournament

29th November 2019 – Mossford Green Primary Netball team came 4th out of 18 schools in today’s tournament at Forest Academy







11th October 2019 – Forest Netball Tournament, 22 schools participated Mossford Green Primary Netball team came 15th







Gold Schools’ Event Monday 26th November 2018






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Supporting Parents in a Digital World

The resource covers topics such as general parenting, safety and settings on the Internet, gaming, use of apps, health and wellbeing and education.

Recent articles include ‘Talking to your child about why bullies bully’ and ‘Addicted to social media- or just teens being teens?’

Please click here to find out more information.





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Important Reminder

Please ensure your child is in full uniform and that it is labelled. Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school.

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Mossford Green Reading Challenge

Research shows that children who read more, do better in school and later life. We also know that although reading any book is great, some books are better written and have more challenging vocabulary and themes than other books. So, we have put together a list of 100 quality books that we believe children should read by the time they leave Mossford Green. All these books are available in our school library, or can be obtained from your local library or bookshop. These books are a mixture of traditional and modern classics. This challenge starts in Nursery and continues all the way to year 6.


Please find a list of books for your child’s Key stage – that we want them to try to read before they leave school – attached to this email.


Children can choose to work through the list of books in any order they want. They can always read another book alongside these books if they want.


Some of the language in the books, especially books on the KS2 list, is very difficult and some children may be discouraged. All we ask is that they try. Many of the SATs tests that children will come across contain language from classic books which can often be new and difficult for children who have not read these types of books in the past. So, exposure to more mature books and classic/older language is very important.


The children also do not have to read the books themselves, although this is always best. An adult can read and discuss the book with them or they can listen to an audio copy from the library or from an online source.


To try ensure that children actually read the texts, we are asking children to write a short review after each book. The review template can also be found attached to this email and more are available in the school library.


Children will have a ‘Reading Passport’ where their teacher will add a stamp for every book on the list they read.


For every 10 books a child reads themselves or with an adult, they will receive a book token to use at the next school book fair. We hope you support your child in reading as many as possible.


The Mossford Reading Challenge book list

book review Younger children

book review

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We sometimes get requests from parents for more homework. Please can I remind all parents that through our on-line learning zone (available through the school website) there are a wide range of activities available, linked to your child’s learning in class, which can be carried out at home. It is important to remember that any homework set has to marked, and that this marking time detracts from marking a minimum of 60 books that teachers are already marking on a daily basis, which have to be done in detail to ensure progression in learning for all children the following day.

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After school clubs collection

Please note that from after the half term we will not be able to allow any children to travel home without an adult following an after school club as it will be dark. Please make alternative arrangements in plenty of time so that your child is not left in school waiting to be collected.

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Netball report

Mossford Green netball team had played their first tournament on 27.09.16 at Redbridge Sports Centre. They played seven games, won 5 games and lost 2. Unfortunately they came 4th on goal difference.


netball Oct2016

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NSPCC guidance on Radicalisation

Please follow this link for guidance on how to talk to children about radicalisation and terrorism and how to get help if you suspect a child is being radicalised.

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KS1 Parent workshop – postponed

We have had to reschedule the Parent Workshop on Maths:Calculation Strategies for + and – KS1 due to be held this Tuesday for Monday 3rd October 2016 at the same time
from 2.15pm – 3.30pm. Hope to see you then.

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50 Things

This year, we have gained inspiration from a current National Trust initiative titled ‘50 Things to do before you’re 11 ¾.’ These 50 things are simple ways of providing your child with life-long experiences. Things that in this day and age of computer technology, the National Trust, feel have dropped-off of parents (and schools) agendas.

50 things list



We, as a school, have carefully considered these 50 Things and have pledged to further enhance your child’s education through providing them with some of these valuable life experiences at school and whilst on trips. We do however need your help. We have managed to integrate at least 44 of the 50 things into our creative curriculum and so we hope that your child will have experience of these at least once in their time at primary school – is once really enough though?


There are 6 of the 50 things that we simply can’t integrate, like swimming in the sea and canoeing down a river – for obvious risk assessment reasons! However, we are setting you a family challenge. We want to see you in action trying-out as many of the 50 things activities as possible – we want to compile an ongoing display of photographs of our school community getting busy as a family at completing each of the 50 things. It doesn’t take long and while you can do many of these at National Trust properties many can be done in any open space such as a garden, park, Hainault Forest etc – a snail race for example and even bird watching or flying a kite – I’m sure you’ve done lots of them already! Just check-out the attached list and get going – We can’t wait to see your photo evidence, bring it in for us to see or alternatively email an image to  along with your child’s name and class number in the subject line and we can do the printing for you.






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Family Learning at Mossford Green

Please be aware that this term we are offering parent workshops that will cover a range of different aspects relating to your year 1 aged child. These sessions are very informative and are offered free of charge. They will be run by a range of professionals/ lead practitioners here at Mossford Green. Light refreshments will be available at each workshop.

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Letters out – various

Please see the letters page for a list of letters sent out this week.

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Problems not receiving emails from the school?

Should you not be receiving emails from the school and you have provided us with your correct email address please troubleshoot using these suggestions:

– check in your spam or junk folder

– add these two email addresses to your contacts: &

Thank you.




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Newly uploaded documents

Please click here for the latest newsletter.

See here for the summer term calendar.

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Car Free Friday – Reward

Please ensure your child brings in their card this Friday as it is the last week for stamps and they will be collected in.

Any child who, by the end of the 9 weeks that this is running for, has 9 stamps on their card (100% car free), will be able to trade-in their card for a travel high-tea experience that is taking place on the 21st March. Any child who has 7 or more loyalty stamps will be entered into a prize draw that will take place during assembly on 24th March.


Car Free Fridays intends that no one travels to school using a car (or other motorised vehicle) on Fridays.

Your child will be issued with a loyalty card before Friday and this needs to be kept in their school bag each week. The Junior Traffic Officers and Bike it Crew will be on the playgrounds each Friday morning from 8:50am wearing high-vis vests and they will stamp your child’s loyalty card if they have it with them and they have walked, scooted or cycled to school that morning (even if it’s been raining!).

Please be aware that it is your child’s responsibility to ensure that they get their card stamped before school (either by a high-vis identified child or a member of staff on the gate), and they will only be in the two playgrounds, so no arriving late through the office! Your child’s class teacher will also have a selection of stickers to award any child who shows them a stamped card each Friday.

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Local family search for stem cell donor

We currently have one of our pupils who is ill and under hospital treatment, and needs some help.

Please click here for more information and to see if you are able to help, and please spread the word to anyone you think may be able to help.

Thank you.

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Letters home

Please note all letters are now being emailed to parents and carers, as well as being uploaded to our website.

Please check your child’s year pages, as well as newsletters and Parents Association tabs.

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New Homework Policy

The homework policy has been revised and approved by the Governing Body. Please click here for the full version.

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