Mossford Green Reading Challenge

Research shows that children who read more, do better in school and later life. We also know that although reading any book is great, some books are better written and have more challenging vocabulary and themes than other books. So, we have put together a list of 100 quality books that we believe children should read by the time they leave Mossford Green. All these books are available in our school library, or can be obtained from your local library or bookshop. These books are a mixture of traditional and modern classics. This challenge starts in Nursery and continues all the way to year 6.


Please find a list of books for your child’s Key stage – that we want them to try to read before they leave school – attached to this email.


Children can choose to work through the list of books in any order they want. They can always read another book alongside these books if they want.


Some of the language in the books, especially books on the KS2 list, is very difficult and some children may be discouraged. All we ask is that they try. Many of the SATs tests that children will come across contain language from classic books which can often be new and difficult for children who have not read these types of books in the past. So, exposure to more mature books and classic/older language is very important.


The children also do not have to read the books themselves, although this is always best. An adult can read and discuss the book with them or they can listen to an audio copy from the library or from an online source.


To try ensure that children actually read the texts, we are asking children to write a short review after each book. The review template can also be found attached to this email and more are available in the school library.


Children will have a ‘Reading Passport’ where their teacher will add a stamp for every book on the list they read.


For every 10 books a child reads themselves or with an adult, they will receive a book token to use at the next school book fair. We hope you support your child in reading as many as possible.


The Mossford Reading Challenge book list

book review Younger children

book review

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