Car Free Fridays

INTRODUCING: Car Free Fridays

Car Free Fridays intends that no one travels to school using a car (or other motorised vehicle) on Fridays.

Your child will be issued with a loyalty card before Friday and this needs to be kept in their school bag each week. The Junior Traffic Officers and Bike it Crew will be on the playgrounds each Friday morning from 8:50am wearing high-vis vests and they will stamp your child’s loyalty card if they have it with them and they have walked, scooted or cycled to school that morning (even if it’s been raining!).

Any child who, by the end of the 9 weeks that this is running for, has 9 stamps on their card (100% car free), will be able to trade-in their card for a travel high-tea experience that is taking place on the 21st March. Any child who has 7 or more loyalty stamps will be entered into a prize draw that will take place during assembly on 24th March.

Please be aware that it is your child’s responsibility to ensure that they get their card stamped before school (either by a high-vis identified child or a member of staff on the gate), and they will only be in the two playgrounds, so no arriving late through the office! Your child’s class teacher will also have a selection of stickers to award any child who shows them a stamped card each Friday.

We are so excited about this initiative and we are looking forward to stamping your cards,

Happy Friday!

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