50 Things

This year, we have gained inspiration from a current National Trust initiative titled ‘50 Things to do before you’re 11 ¾.’ These 50 things are simple ways of providing your child with life-long experiences. Things that in this day and age of computer technology, the National Trust, feel have dropped-off of parents (and schools) agendas.

50 things list



We, as a school, have carefully considered these 50 Things and have pledged to further enhance your child’s education through providing them with some of these valuable life experiences at school and whilst on trips. We do however need your help. We have managed to integrate at least 44 of the 50 things into our creative curriculum and so we hope that your child will have experience of these at least once in their time at primary school – is once really enough though?


There are 6 of the 50 things that we simply can’t integrate, like swimming in the sea and canoeing down a river – for obvious risk assessment reasons! However, we are setting you a family challenge. We want to see you in action trying-out as many of the 50 things activities as possible – we want to compile an ongoing display of photographs of our school community getting busy as a family at completing each of the 50 things. It doesn’t take long and while you can do many of these at National Trust properties many can be done in any open space such as a garden, park, Hainault Forest etc – a snail race for example and even bird watching or flying a kite – I’m sure you’ve done lots of them already! Just check-out the attached list and get going – We can’t wait to see your photo evidence, bring it in for us to see or alternatively email an image to admin@mossfordgreen.redbridge.sch.uk  along with your child’s name and class number in the subject line and we can do the printing for you.






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