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Cost of School Meals frozen until 2016 in Redbridge – £2 

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School Meal Electronic Meal Pre-Order System



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Are you eligible for free school meals? Find out here

As you will be aware, the Government has decided to fund free school meals for all children from Reception to Year 2 as of September 2014.

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ISS Education, the school meal provider, is delighted to advise their Electronic Meal Pre-Order system has now been implemented in Mossford Green Primary School.

This is brilliant news as our children will now be able to book their meal of choice in the morning and when they arrive in the dining hall the meal they have chosen will be available for them.

In addition, should you wish, you can also pre-book your child’s meal, up to six weeks in advance via:
To do this you must firstly register an account via the above website and once this has been activated you will be able to pre-order meals.

How do I select meals? 

Parents Guide to Online Payments and Meal Selection

  • Log into your account
  • Click ‘select meals’ from the option on the left hand side
  • The menu displayed is the current menu. To select a different week, simply click the arrow to move on a week
  • To select, click on the main meal and dessert of choice. This will then turn orange (to de- select, click on the meal again).
  • Once you have made your choices, click ‘done’

Meals can be ordered up to midnight the day before the menu is available and if you decide to pre order on behalf of your child/children, they will be unable to change your choice.
If you have already pre ordered a meal and your child decides they no longer want to have the meal, simply advise the teacher in class on the morning of the meal. You will not be charged for the meal if your child/children do not consume the meal.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting ISS Education on 0844 583 5754 or email at




ISS’s meat supplier has confirmed the lamb used is raised and slaughtered in New Zealand which is not covered by the HFA.   However, the abattoir used is slaughtering the animals in accordance with the Federation of Islamic Associations of NZ.  Below is the Halal procedure document and current accreditation certificates.

Halal Procedure

Marbecs NZ Alliance Group Halal lamb Cert Exp June 2014

Salisbury Poultry certificate 2014